From professional athletes, to first-time exercisers.

We get it, the fitness industry can be both challenging and daunting. But guess what? Milestone Strength and Conditioning specialises in improving performance for everyone; from the fitness first-timers, to the professional athletes.

We're here to help you get bigger, better, faster and stronger. Get fit, get focused, but most importantly, have fun with Milestone.


What can we offer you?

Milestone's got the full house when it comes to training methods. We cover body composition, bodybuilding, female-specific training and muscle mass gainers, just to name a few. For our custom coaching plans, we tailor each program with your goals and your abilities in mind. We use information gathered from our initial survey to completely individualise all aspects of training and nutrition.

Check out our training programs for more info. Or, if you're after results, have a scroll through our Instagram and Facebook pages.


Still have questions? 

No problem! We've answered a lot of questions from our customers on our FAQ page

If there's question we haven't answered, feel free to contact us.