Ladies Istraining Program



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8 week training program using the Istraining system, including muscle building, high intensity interval training and fat burning cardio. This is a great place to start with our programming. It is designed for those looking to take training up a notch!

Why are our ladies programs different from our mens? Simple! Females can handle more volume than men and tend to recover quicker, so we designed a program to focus on this!

Includes eating guide and facebook group access! 

Lifters should be familiar with working out in a gym environment.

Fully outlined and explained intensity variables. Program is split into two, four week blocks. This program does come with photo/video of exercise and we are happy to clarify any exercise concerns.

Includes 24/7 email support.

As with all our programs if you follow the plan to the letter and still don't see results, we will offer a full refund!

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