Milestone 24-7 Program



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Our team has over 20 years experience in the fitness and nutrition industry and this membership will share it all with you!

Our coaching staff have won international bodybuilding shows, modelled for mens health, coached professional athletes and coached over 4500 individuals to achieve their goals.

This membership group will give you access to all the tricks, tips and workouts to achieve your dream physique. 

So, the part you all want to see. What do I get if I sign up?

  • Daily workouts delivered to our private members forum on our website, this isn't just a list of exercises either, we break it down into everything you need to know to maximise your workout
  • Weekly Q and As with our coaches
  • Free macronutrient and calorie meal plan when you sign up
  • Access to all blog posts and articles to help you master your motivation, nutrition, training and lifestyle
  • Exclusive discounts on coaching, apparel and other programs from Milestone
  • Mobility videos and prehab exercises from qualified instructors 
  • Vlogs from our coaching staff, on fitness, nutrition, lifestyle, supplements and loads more
  • Access to our video library of exercises and daily instructional videos
  • All this for just $1 per day! $7 per week to your dream physique! Billing is weekly, but you can cancel any time, for free with 14 days notice. Any remaining billing cycles in this period will be charged